How do you find a job in Canada in your own field?

How do you find a job in Canada in your own field?
Published in : 22 Nov 2022

How do you find a job in Canada in your own field?

You should find out about the Canadian work environment, participate in bridging programs in your area, there are also government funded programs to help you get an internship position in your area, attend professional networking events and make contacts who can help you. There are many "tools" at your disposal. I think there's a big misconception about what "Canadian Experience" means. You may need it and you may not.

Here's the problem:

Immigrants come to Canada and apply for jobs unaware of two things: they are applying to a very different and potentially much more competitive job market than in their home country; and they still have the "soft skills" (labor/social/community practices from their home country) as it takes time to integrate and learn Canadian soft skills. So when they apply for the job they think they deserve to compete against 100 other applicants, those  “soft skills” come into play. You may get an interview based on your Resume (CV) but the lack of appropriate soft skills will be apparent at the interview.

Someone else will be hired. The immigrant wants to know why! The Canadian employer, who wants to be nice and encouraging but can't pay someone $35 an hour if that person doesn't fit on his team, says,"I'm sorry, but you need more Canadian experience".

Honestly, that's what it takes, the applicant need more experience of Canadian culture, maybe a better language, a different approach to teamwork, varies from job to job.The key is to learn the soft skills. Often the confused immigrant doesn't even realize the problem because he or she isn't doing things the way he or she always does?

No, not in Canada. It's a different culture. It takes time to learn about a new culture and how to work within that culture, but you reading this blog today, you can transform your life by getting the Game Changer e-books bundle available on our e-book purchase page. That will teach you step-by-step the Canadian working culture to get your dream job without an agents or consultation

Some people get it. They take a job, even if it's a simple job, that gives them work experience in Canada while they continue to assimilate. Some don't get it and go home muttering about the"Canadian experience"or remain bitter and disappointed in Canada. Some are jumping on social media shouting that Canadians are racists. Guess which group will be successful in Canada?

That's what "Canadian experience" means. It's not unique to Canada. If you have immigrated to India and want to work, you will be faced with the  “Indian experience” barrier as you would not fit well with the work culture and your soft skills would not match. 

There is one group of immigrants who tend to do very well in Canada: those who go to school for a few years first. They learn Canadian social signs, better language, work style and all  soft skills while in school. After graduation, they will then be more successful in applying for jobs in their chosen course.

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